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“All I want to do is beat Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows!”

Fast, faster, Glen Bailey. The passionate British professional window cleaner won the Window Cleaning Challenge on the second day of

UNGER Stingray presented with the Innovation Award

And the winner is…. UNGER Stingray. The most efficient indoor cleaning system of all time was presented with the coveted

Exclusive interview: Terry “Turbo” Burrows

Fast, faster, the fastest: it is not for nothing that Terry Burrows has the nickname “Turbo”. The Brit has been



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What actually is a TDS-meter?

Pure water is water without minerals. It is physically processed in order to remove minerals, which leave unsightly traces of

What actually is… FloWater technology?

FloWater technology is an integral part of the HydroPower DI quick change system. It ensures that you get more pure

Look out, here comes a new nLite!

A new age of water-fed poles began in 2012 with the launch of nLite. Now the success story is set


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The first UNGER cleaning tools

Nifty Nabber, Strip T’z and Swivel Loc – do you know what these names actually signify? They are all cleaning

How is… pole quality actually assured?

Development Manager, Kai Hirsch, already explained to clean magazine how Unger’s water-fed nLite poles are manufactured. In the second part

How are… poles actually manufactured?

Almost all of you know about them. Almost all of you have had them in your hands at least once:


Remove stickers and window foils completely

Whether during final construction cleaning or for seasonal window designs – the majority of stickers and window foils must eventually

Cleaning windows in a diving suit

Unusual areas of application: Professional Marcel Kennel from A-Plus Reinigung removes stubborn algae growth from the external pane of the Ismaning

How do you clean the tallest building in the world?

828 meters tall and over 24,000 windows: the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa in Dubai –

Safety glass: first recognize, then clean properly

Wherever impact resistance and safety are of utmost importance, it is a good idea to use tempered safety glass (TSG)

Experts on the dome

What makes a genuine professional in the building cleaning trade becomes particularly apparent when they are in action. We spoke

Winter is coming – here’s what you need to know!

You’ll get through the winter in good shape with these four tips. Tip 1: Keep out the cold Damp environment,

“We make it possible!”

Whether road, air or sea transport – Unger products reach professionals all over the world in a variety of ways.