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An apprentice gives advice: “Pay good attention at school!”

An apprentice gives advice: “Pay good attention at school!”

An apprenticeship as a window and building cleaner is diverse and is plenty of fun – says apprentice Fabian Dagenbach. The 19-year old completed his apprenticeship at Braun Clean Service. clean Magazine met up with him for an interview. Read here what Fabian likes about his job and his tips for new apprentices.

How did you get your position as an apprentice?
When I was looking for work, a good friend of mine told me that the company Braun Clean Service was hiring apprentices.

How long did your apprenticeship take?
It usually takes 3 years, but due to my good grade average, I was allowed to reduce the time to 2.5 years.

What was your favourite subject at vocational school?
My favourite subject is work practice, as I can acquire the skills there that I need for my daily work.

What does a typical work day look like?
As the profession is very diverse, there actually is no typical work day and that is exactly what I like about this job. There are different tasks every day: sometimes basic cleaning, sometimes window cleaning.

Is this a job that girls could do as well?
Yeah, I think so. Most people think it is a girl’s job anyway.

Which tasks do you enjoy most?
My favourite task is window cleaning. We always have to think about the best approach to getting the job done: The type of glass of the window and position are different with every customer.

What don’t you like so much?
I think maintenance cleaning is pretty one-sided. You always have to do the same things.

What happens after the apprenticeship?
There are several areas in which a window and building cleaner can specialize. In any case, I want to continue to work in my profession but I don’t know exactly in which capacity yet.

What tips do you have for applicants?
The job is really fun and there are plenty of further training options. My advice: Pay good attention at school! This things we learn there are things we need in our daily work.

Do you work with UNGER products and, if yes, which ones do you use?
Yes, with the squeegee and washer from the ErgoTec Ninja series – my absolute favourite cleaning tools.

What would you like to read about more in the clean Magazine?
I personally can’t think of anything that is missing. It already contains everything that I’m interested in.

Steven Triegel (left) and Fabian Dagenbach (right) with their boss Dirk Steinmann.

Steven Triegel (left) and Fabian Dagenbach
(right) with their boss Dirk Steinmann.

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