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Cleaning 4.0 – what are the latest exciting innovations?

Cleaning 4.0 – what are the latest exciting innovations?

Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and Augmented Reality – things that sound like processes from distant galaxies actually describe the rapid digitalization of our society.
There seems to be no limit to the wealth of digital ideas in the cleaning industry, too. We have put together a sample of some of the most exciting inventions for you in this article.

Augmented Reality Glasses© AR Check Augmented Cleaning_01
Our view of the real world can be enhanced by computers using a technology known as Augmented Reality. As far as cleaning is concerned, so-called “Augmented Reality Glasses” will in the future be able to visually display which tasks are yet to be completed. Surfaces will be shown in different color categories which will enable users to see which surfaces have already been cleaned and which surfaces are still to be cleaned.

Gecko robots
Working at dizzying heights certainly provides our adrenalin levels with a boost, but it is also just as dangerous. Gecko robots can provide help here. As the name suggests, the invention is inspired by the small reptile. It can climb the façades of tall buildings. This means that the robot can simplify cleaning processes not only on higher and difficult-to-access window surfaces and buildings, but also on photovoltaic systems.

Autonomous cleaning robots© Foto Fraunhofer IPA
An invention which is already making floor cleaning much simpler for private households looks like it will soon be available for commercial use. This will allow professional cleaning staff to be assisted in the future by robots which, for example, empty trashcans and clean floors.

Drones for window cleaning
Drones which can, for example, clean window surfaces on external façades are currently being developed. They are connected to a hose which supplies the cleaning water. It is expected that the small aircrafts will both work automatically and be able to be controlled manually.

The bottom line
It remains to be seen when and whether these inventions will actually become a reality or be integrated into the everyday working lives of professionals. Even though we find it exciting that practically anything is possible with regards to technology in this age of digitalization, the work of professional window and building cleaners remains essential and tremendously important. The people employed in this trade do a really great job and their work should not be underappreciated. However, what we would welcome in the future are technologies and cleaning tools which support professional window and building cleaners with their cleaning tasks in the best possible manner and which make their work both safer and simpler.

We want your opinion!
What do you make of the inventions? Which of them would you like to test in your everyday work and are there any areas of cleaning which you feel require an urgent development? What kind of invention would make your own work simpler?
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Photo credits: Fraunhofer IPA, AR Check Augmented Cleaning

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