Cleaning a quarter of a million square meters of glass in record time

Cleaning a quarter of a million square meters of glass in record time

The demands relating to indoor glass cleaning at airports are enormous. Many thousands of square meters of glass must be brought back to a sparkling state in the shortest time possible – and despite the high number of passengers and difficult-to-access areas. However, this challenge can now be mastered with ease thanks to the UNGER Stingray.

A characteristic feature of airports are the large window surfaces. These are subject to high levels of dirt and contamination due to the fact that they are always exposed to environmental influences. They are also touched by quite a number of people on a daily basis, something which leads to unsightly fingerprints. Regular and thorough cleaning is thus important, on the one hand, to keep the terminal in an impeccable and presentable state and, on the other hand, to guarantee an unimpaired view to the outside.

The glass behind door handles can be cleaned without any problems thanks to the triangular shape of the TriPad

The cleaning company which is responsible for Frankfurt Airport – GCS Gesellschaft für Cleaning Service mbH & Co. Airport Frankfurt / Main KG. – has opted to use the UNGER Stingray to meet these extreme demands: “We clean the windows up to three times per week and work round the clock each time. Since there are always people in the terminal, our time windows are accordingly short. Many glass surfaces, for example doors or on conveyer belts, can also be extremely difficult to reach. We often faced significant problems when we attempted to clean such surfaces with traditional cleaning tools, such as squeegees, washers, chamois etc. That is why we made the move towards the Stingray system by UNGER – mainly for removing fingerprints, but also for cleaning indoor mirror and glass surfaces”, reveals Klaus Ewig, Manager of the Window and Façade Cleaning Department at GCS.

Achieving perfect cleaning results in a record time
The UNGER Stingray is perfectly suited for cleaning the huge number of windows which can be found in the airport. The innovative indoor cleaning system allows the user to spray and clean in just one working step. The window and frame can be cleaned at the same time thanks to the Stingray Intensive Cleaning TriPad. The embedded spraying system guarantees that the cleaning fluid does not drip onto any surfaces – which means that laborious reworking is no longer necessary. “Given that there are so many square meters of glass surfaces which we have to clean in Terminal 1, this is an enormous economic advantage for us”, says Ewig.

Easy to clean difficult-to-access areas
The Stingray is flexible and comfortable to use, as Ewig reveals: “Many of the glass surfaces in the terminal are difficult to reach. They are either situated at great heights or are obstructed by objects, such as benches or luggage. But thanks to the pole system of the UNGER Stingray which may be extended in a modular fashion, we can now reach heights of up to four meters without any problems and easily access all areas without having to move aside any bulky objects. It is also no longer necessary to use any additional aids, such as ladders. This is a bonus when it comes to both safety and speed.”

The additional pole systems allow users to work at heights of up to four meters.

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