Cleaning glass above towering mountains of waste

Cleaning glass above towering mountains of waste

There is glass to be cleaned in the widest range of places… And even at a waste cogeneration power station.
In his fascinating reader submission, Marcel Kennel explained exactly how he cleans glass at heights of up to 21 meters above tons and tons of waste.

Marcel Kennel_Krankanzel_03_srUnbelievable: every German produces 455 kilograms of waste each year.* In order to deal with these masses, there are so-called waste cogeneration power stations – such as the one in Olching, Bavaria, where a proportion of Germany’s waste is incinerated.
For this purpose, a crane with a claw transports approx. 5 tons of waste per load into the furnaces. To ensure that the crane operators can navigate the claw properly, Kennel and his team clean the two crane cabins every fourteen days.
And it is a huge challenge for them! On the one hand, the pros have to work at heights of up to 21 meters – with towering mountains of waste below them. On the other hand, they have to be equipped with a full set of protective gear.

It all comes down to the equipment!
A disposable suit with a hood, helmet, FFP3 respiratory protection and personal protective equipment as a fall protection measure (PPE) – the full set of gear is obligatory to guarantee the safety of the workers.
Stubborn dirt and the large amounts of dust from the massive mountains of waste land on the panes of the cabin and result in heavy contamination. Kennel and his employees remove this dirt with the ErgoTec Ninja Scraper. Practical: when the tool is no longer needed, it can be simply stowed away in the holster. They also use the StripWasher Pad Strip and a squeegee with an S-Channel Plus, hard rubber and the ErgoTec Carbon Handle for a secure grip.
“It is particularly important to secure the equipment with the Lasso SL010,” stresses Kennel, “because if something falls, it will land directly in the waste and you will never get it back!”

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