Cleaning together: “Dirt-Away Day” at Düsseldorf marina

Cleaning together: “Dirt-Away Day” at Düsseldorf marina

A clean city is good for the environment, improves the quality of life and just looks much better – UNGER set an example and took part in the “Dirt-Away Day” at Düsseldorf marina together with the specialist wholesaler Großvertrieb Helmut Koenen GmbH from Viersen.

Everyone lent a hand at the 2017 “Dirt-Away Day” in Düsseldorf: childcare centers, schools, citizens, and companies – each with their own equipment and task.
Some of them collected rubbish in an attempt to improve the overall image of the harbor area in the capital city of North Rhine-Westphalia. Others painted railings. And UNGER got together with the specialist wholesaler Großvertrieb Helmut Koenen GmbH from Viersen to present the UNGER HydroPower pure water system at Düsseldorf marina. It was used to whip several things back into shape. The boats of the Düsseldorf Yacht Club e.V. are docked in the marina the whole year around and are permanently exposed to the weather conditions on a daily basis. Regular care and maintenance of the boats is not only important for a gleaming visual appearance, but it also preserves safety, quality and value in the long-term.

2017_05_13_035All of this can be guaranteed by means of thorough cleaning with a pure water filter system: demineralized water has the natural need to try and re-balance its mineral composition and therefore better picks up minerals – and thus dirt from the surface – just like a magnet.
The UNGER HydroPower DI System was used on “Dirt-Away Day” at Düsseldorf marina. The DI filter is perfectly suited to cleaning boats, because on the one hand it is easy to operate, and on the other hand it is extremely efficient. The degree of hardness of pure water is also particularly low and the cleaning process is thus extremely gentle. The surface smoothness of the boat is not impaired in any way.

Everyone cleaned for all they were worth on “Dirt-Away Day” – resulting in visible success and satisfied customers. “The UNGER HydroPower DI System makes the work much simpler. If yacht and boat owners use a HydroPower pure water system, there is also no longer any need to wipe away condensation on a daily basis, because the residual moisture simply dries without leaving behind streaks”, explains Ingo Koenen, Managing Director of Großvertrieb Helmut Koenen GmbH.

Together, we were able to make a part of Düsseldorf much cleaner – a successful event, we’d say!

What about you?
Is there something similar in your city? Have any of you cleaned somewhere for a good cause? We would love to hear and report your experiences!
Incidentally: have you attempted to clean surfaces or properties other than glass and buildings with pure water or is there something that you would really like to clean, but are not sure how?

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