Fast-food chains – how glass and mirror surfaces are kept deliciously attractive

Fast-food chains – how glass and mirror surfaces are kept deliciously attractive

Fast-food restaurants are visited by thousands of people every day. The timeframes for professional cleaning are thus extremely small. But, at the same time, dirt residues – such as finger prints and grease stains on glass surfaces – can only be removed with great effort, something which poses a great challenge for the cleaning staff. The solution? With UNGER Stingray, the cleaning work can be completed quickly, safely and in between other work – all without leaving behind any streaks.

Even though they are served in next to no time, customers should still be made to feel good in fast-food restaurants. That is why the property must always be in a presentable state and, most importantly, clean and hygienic. In short: the image must be right. Something which is not an easy task! Huge numbers of people wander in and out of fast-food chains, touching glass, mirror and window surfaces in the process. This results not only in unsightly fingerprints, but also in grease stains and bacterial residues, which, of course, are not particularly good for a clean image. It is thus all the more important that indoor glass cleaning – along with thorough more general cleaning – can be completed in between other work during peak hours without disturbing the customers or putting their health at risk.

That is why UNGER developed the Stingray. The system for indoor glass cleaning enables glass, mirror and window surfaces to be cleaned faster and more efficiently than with a spray bottle and a cloth – and up to heights of four meters. One of the major advantages? UNGER Stingray is ready to use at once and is intuitive to operate, guaranteeing that employees understand the product and how to use it at the drop of a hat. When it comes to health protection and occupational safety, working with the Stingray system also offers many advantages. Both users and restaurant guests are not endangered by cleaning chemicals. An embedded and screened spraying mechanism reliably protects everyone in the area from inhaling the spray mist and prevents chemicals from moving completely freely through the air and/or being deposited on surfaces.

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This video demonstrates how the UNGER Stingray system is used in practice: 

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