Higher wages for window and building cleaners

Higher wages for window and building cleaners

The roughly 600,000 window and building cleaners in Germany have been earning more money since the 1st January 2017. Why? Because the minimum wages have increased. clean magazine reveals who now earns exactly what.

It may well be a small step, but it is an extremely symbolic one: the professional work which window and building cleaners complete day in, day out is now being rewarded with a higher wage. Whilst workers in the old federal states have been benefitting from a two percent wage hike since the 1st January, wages have increased by four percent in the new federal states.

But who is now earning exactly what?
In the window and building cleaning trades, your wages are based on where you work and/or the exact field in which you work. In principle, we distinguish between West and East and between the wage brackets 1 (interior and maintenance cleaning) and 6 (window and façade cleaning) in Germany.
The following minimum wages have been valid for these different areas and wage brackets since the 1st January 2017:

West (Berlin)                                   
Wage bracket 1: 10 euros
Wage bracket 6: 13.25 euros

Wage bracket 1: 9.05 euros
Wage bracket 6: 11.53 euros

All employers must observe the standard, legal minimum wages. The minimum wages are also valid for employees who are sent out to work abroad by the employer. You can read all of the general conditions in detail here.

Working time regulations have also been defined by the collective agreement. The regular weekly working time is 39 hours; the daily working time is 8 hours – excluding breaks. Overtime, night work, Sunday work and public holiday work is subject to additional remuneration. The additional remuneration is calculated differently depending on the hourly rate. Employees are generally entitled to 28 – 30 days of paid holiday per year of employment. When taking holiday, you will be paid the average wage from the last twelve months. You can find more info here.

If you have any questions about the working time regulations or relating to wage issues, then please get in touch with the appropriate building cleaning trade guild in your federal state. You can find an overview with all necessary contact details here.

We also provide additional background information relating to the wage agreements for the building cleaning trade in our article “Higher wages for the trade”.

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