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Problem solvers for complex cases

Problem solvers for complex cases

Whether residues from adhesives, mortar or paint splatters – scrapers are often used for preparatory work when dealing with particularly stubborn dirt and contamination. clean magazine reveals why they are a key part of the basic equipment of each and every pro and which scraper is suited for different cleaning situations.

When are scrapers used?
Scrapers are problem solvers for extremely complex cases. Pros mainly use them to deal with dirt residues which are really difficult to remove. A typical scenario in which a scraper may be used is end-of-build cleaning. Plenty of dirt and contamination accumulates during the construction phase and it stubbornly adheres to windows, floors and other surfaces. This may include paint and lacquer splatters, cement residues or residues from labels and adhesive tape. But such stubborn contamination can be effectively loosened and removed with scrapers.

Which scraper for what?Glasschaber
In principle, we distinguish between glass scrapers, surface scrapers and floor scrapers.

Glass scrapers, such as the UNGER ErgoTec Ninja, are perfectly suited for doing away with those difficult-to-remove contaminations on window surfaces, such as paint, stickers, adhesive tape, mortar splashes and paint splatters. The UNGER ErgoTec Ninja has a premium glass scraper stainless steel blade with two sharp edges. It also has a perfect working angle and has been specifically developed for precise, fast and simple use on glass surfaces.

Surface scraperThe surface scrapers in the UNGER ErgoTec range are equipped with a reversible blade which has both a sharp and a blunt edge. The sharp edge is ideal for removing adhesive residues or carpets. The blunt edge is particularly good for removing mortar and more persistent dirt.


Floor scrapers are the first choice for removing stubborn, dried-on dirt on floors. Depending on the Floor scrapermodel, they have a generously-sized handle between 120 and 150 centimeters. This ensures that working while standing is a comfortable procedure. A double-sided blade is attached to the end of the handle with which dirt can be removed particularly well without scratching the floor covering. Pros can also choose between different models with varying performance capacities – for light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty jobs.
Floor scrapers are mainly used for cleaning purposes in the commercial sector and in public buildings, such as kindergartens or schools. However, they are equally suited to loosening carpet remnants or “knocking out” floors.

The correct use
Some scraper blades can be as sharp as razor blades. To ensure that no unwanted scratch marks are left behind, you must bear a few essential things in mind. Find out what these are here.

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