The all-rounder for day-to-day work

The all-rounder for day-to-day work

Professional window and building cleaners know that no two washer sleeves are the same. There are various specialist sleeves to choose from depending on how you plan to use it. But is there actually a real all-rounder which can do practically everything?

Faser-MixYes, there is. And its name is UNGER ErgoTec Ninja. The high-performance sleeve impresses with its versatility and great cleaning strength. The Ninja ensures that all types of dirt can be removed safely, quickly and reliably.

The secret behind its excellent performance lies in its special structure: the sleeve consists of a top-quality mix of fibers which cannot be found in any other washer sleeve. Thanks to its special properties, it is able to provide professionals with real added value in their day-to-day work. For example, the long fibers pick up a particularly large amount of water and dirt. The advantage? This ensures that pros can clean large surfaces within a relatively short period of time. The long fibers are perfectly complemented by scrubbing fibers and microfibers. These help to loosen and subsequently remove the dirt – without damaging the surface in the process. Dust, pollen and other types of dirt are picked up by these fibers just like a magnet.

And what about when the dirt is particularly stubborn?Schrubbpad
The scrubbing pads integrated into the sleeve then come into play. There is one scrubbing pad on each side of the sleeve – something which is unique in itself. This combination guarantees optimal cleaning results.
The UNGER ErgoTec Ninja sleeve also impresses with its long service life. It lasts for approx. 500 washing cycles at 60 degrees Celsius. Practical: the sleeve is attached to the washer by means of Velcro, something which guarantees that it is securely held in place during cleaning.

We are interested in your experiences with the UNGER ErgoTec Ninja sleeve. What do you use it for and what do you think about it? 
We would also like to know: what properties does the perfect washer need to have in your opinion? Does it already exist?

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