What do you think about safety tools?

What do you think about safety tools?

Your expertise is wanted! We are sure that you have all come across safety tools, such as the UNGER Lasso; now, we want to know from you what you think about such products. Do you use them at work – and if yes, why?

The jury is still out on the advantages of safety tools. Some swear by them and virtually cannot live without them. Yet others are less convinced.
In order to be able to better assess the benefits, we are interested in what you think about safety products, such as the UNGER Lasso.
What do you like about them, what not so much? How often do you use them? Which safety tools do you actually use? What are the absolute requirements of such products?

Tell us what you think – as a comment, on Facebook or via email to clean@clean-magazine.com.

The UNGER Lasso is a sturdy, 55-centimetre long safety tool which window and building cleaners can use to fasten their tools. A spring catch and a loop are attached to the ends of the cord. The catch allows the lasso to be fixed to a belt, amongst other things. The loop serves as a holder for cleaning tools, such as a squeegee.
The lasso can be especially useful when working at great heights – for example on ladders or out of a window – but also when standing on the ground. Cleaning products, such as washers and squeegees, are firmly secured and cannot fall from the lasso.

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